Our Services

Metallurgical/Heat Treatment Consultancy

One of our Director Mr. Hemant Rode is Metallurgist and Having experience of 12+ years in Heat treatment field. He has wide experience in Heat Treatment Process and Heat treatment furnaces. We can consult in various HT segment and process .

Gas Pipelining

IBR Gas Piping with welding Gas Trains VOT/ LOT Systems with standard safety features.

Refractory Lining Services

We are a leading manufacturer and service provider of Refractory Brick, Refractory Sands, Calcined Sand, Refractories Castables, Precast Refractory, Element Refractories, Basic Refractories, Low Cement Castable, White Heat Castable, Unicast Castable, Fire Cement, Ramming Mass, Coil Coat Grout, Basic Patching Mass, High Alumina Refractory Mortar, Phosphate Bonded Refractory, Sillimanite Mortar, Magnesite Mortar, PCPF Block, CCM Mortar, Refractory Construction Services and Refractory Lining Services.
Our Products are developed from the best quality raw materials to ensure maximum durability and reliability . We have been offering a huge collection of products in different specifications as per the exact needs of the clients . Our products are highly reckoned for high end sturdiness and resistant to wear features.

Industrial Journal & Advertising Assistance

We are tied up with the 15 year old leading Journal for Industrial content
and advertising assistance for the growth of the SMEs.