Process Burners

Our products are characterised by the highest level of reliability, also including ease of operations, cost savings thanks to energy-efficient and resource-friendly operation as well as easy and operator-friendly handling and servicing.

  • We design and produce our burner systems in accordance with our philosophy: "Reliability at work"
  • We have been manufacturing industrial gas burners for over 25 years and provide them with maximum reliability and user-friendliness.
  • Energy efficiency, robustness and ease of service are the guidelines for us when developing our innovative burner solutions.
  • In this way, we guarantee the operators of industrial thermoprocessing plants trouble-free, efficient and resource-saving production with the highest product quality - day after day.

Product Range

  1. RHGBS "ETAMAT" series - innovative recuperative burners with an efficiency of up to 90%
  2. K-RHGB-RN "REMAT" series - efficient recuperator burners as retrofit solution for existing systems
  3. RHGB series - proven steel recuperator burners with high efficiency
  4. K-RHGB series - ceramic recuperator burners for application temperatures up to 1300 ° C
  5. K-RHGBE series - inexpensive ceramic high-speed burners with an integrated recuperator burner tube
  6. HGBE series - high-speed burners for direct and indirect heating of industrial furnaces


Monobloc Burners

Available in versions for different types of gas. A compact burner, easy to install. Ducted or conventional air inlet. Designed for easy maintenance. Industry standard components are used. A soft pulsation free start. Wide adjustment range and high efficiency with constant combustion values

  • Energy saving and compatible with environmental requirements
  •  Quiet in operation and designed for easy maintenance
  • Reliable and trouble free
  • 1-stage, 2-stage or modulating
  •  Plug-in contact facilitates the installation
  •  Two valves, slow opening
  •  Hinged flange
  • Gas connection left or right
  • Available for natural gas, LPG, town gas 
  • Available Gas/LDO Fired

We have achieved a remarkable and strong position in the market due to our excellent quality range of products that we provide in several specifications. Following are the some of the unique reasons due to which we have achieved the belief of our valued patrons:



• Heat Treatment

• Hot Water Boiler

• Textile Industries

• Food Industries

• Tray Dryer

• Steam Boiler


• Incinerators

• Powder & Teflon Coating

• Metal Printing

• Ceramic Industries

• Furnace



• Paper Packaging

• Namkin & Farsan

• Hot Air Generator

• Thermopac

• Auto part Industries

• Auto Clave Machines Glass

Customized Burners