Gas Trains

IBR Gas Piping with welding Gas Trains VOT/ LOT Systems with standard safety features. We Manufactures Gas Train for Burners, Boilers, Furnace, Ovens etc.
We Manufactures Gas national and international quality processes to design a range of Gas Trains. They are widely used with efficient Burner Control Systems for controlling the quantity as well as rate of gas from fluid to burner. They are ideal to be utilized in different application areas from block-type thermal power stations to gas motors to gas blower burners. They are designed using a modern combination of advanced technology with the best quality materials to ensure to provide application specific designs for Industrial furnaces, thermal power stations, steam boilers etc.

Products Offers
  • Primary & Secondary Gas Reducing Systems
  • Gas Filters
  • Gas Governors
  • Safety Relief Valves
  • Gas Regulators with Slam Shut Of Valve Integrated
  • Pressure Guages
  • Ball Valves
  • Hose Pipes
  • Pigtails Pipe
  • LOT/VOT Adaptors
  • Dirt Trap

Gas Flow Meter

A flow meter is a precision instrument that measures the rate of gas flow or (liquid flow) in a pipe. There are four main meter styles for flow measurement.
Designed to meet the requirements of industry standards, and is ideally suited for measuring natural, manufactured and LPG gases where low domestic gas loads are to be monitored. Domestic Diaphragm gas meters combine accuracy and durability in a highly compact casing. With the use of modern engineering and fully automated production techniques, we can offer a highly accurate and durable meter ensuring easier handling and simplified installation along with reduced shipping costs.